What is Lohojo?


Lohojo stands for LOve, HOpe, and JOy.  Lohojo Fertility Support Services are a company, founded by Salise Haith, who has gone through her own trials of struggling to conceive.  The emotional roller coaster of regular disappointments from negative pregnancy tests, abnormal test results, and insensitive 'I'm just trying to be helpful' comments brought heartache, shame, low self-worth, and societal disrepute.  Living childless after a failed fertility treatment and an unsuccessful adoption, she desires to give hope to those who are trying to start their families.

Salise challenges us to stay hopeful through daily repetitions of affirmations and focused thinking of our hopes and dreams for a family.  The infertility journey is emotionally draining as we shift from feeling hopeful to despair, sometimes on an hourly basis. As studies have shown that we have at least 50,000 thoughts every day, we all know that most of them aren't helpful or productive for a fulfilling life. We want to empower people to choose to believe differently with effective techniques that tackles head-on, conflicting thoughts between what you want and what your circumstances say you can have.  We do this through 1 to 1 coaching sessions, the one of a kind Lohojo fertility affirmation calendars and a supportive, online community.

Salise Haith is a member of the European Fertility Society. 

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