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Choose to believe differently

Our Fertility Affirmations Calendars assist anyone to believe they can conceive and have a child by choosing to believe differently.

We provide calendars which provide powerful affirmations and space to visually track your consistency. 

These calendars also have space to track routine activities related to your fertility such as the date your period started and finished, days you took medicine, exercised or had sex. 

These calendars provide affirmations to challenge your current thinking about your fertility and assist you in thinking new thoughts about your journey to parenthood.  

I can't take this anymore!!

Trying to conceive had Salise on an emotional roller coaster

Salise talks about how she feels about infertilty and adoption

Salise was recently on the MFF Project podcast hosted by Chantelle Branch discussing "The breakdown around infertility and male factor"

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Salise was a contributing author to This is Trying to Conceive

Sheila Lamb says, "Infertility sucks and it takes over your thought’s day and night. Nobody chooses to have problems getting pregnant, and, if you have been dealt this hand, know that you are not alone. Wouldn’t it help you to read inspiring stories from those who have found it difficult to get pregnant too? The writers in this book all want to support you, so you’ll survive and rise above this testing time in your life." Salise Haith Wright was a contributor to this book.

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Accepted in the Beloved Challenge Event

Healing the Heartbreak of TTC

Lohojo founder, Salise Wright, led 5 days of live workshops to teach women who are trying to conceive to do the following:

* Learn how I got rid of the guilt and shame of trying to conceive.

* Learn how I found my worth and value outside of motherhood.

* Learn how I began to focus my thoughts and chose to belief differently.

* Access the spiritual key to receiving beauty for ashes.

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You are what you think

Are you thinking about being a good mother or thinking about not being able to conceive?

Your thoughts manifest your reality.

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